Green Cleaning

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We are proud to offer green cleaning with eco friendly cleaning products upon your request. Our green cleaning products are saver to the environment and to the people living in your home or working in your office. Ask for our green clean program.


Why bother about Eco Friendly Green Cleaning?

Did you know that many conventional cleaning ingredients are linked to the increase in many health problems such as allergies, asthma, ADD, autism, reproductive problems, birth defects, immune system disorders, or even cancer? The labels often don’t list all the problematic chemicals  and therefore making it very difficult for consumers to avoid exposing their families and employees to serious health risks. Avoid the hidden dangers in many conventional household cleaners by replacing them with green products, bio degradable and organic cleaning products that are just safer.

Growing evidence shows that green cleaning provides benefits not only the cleaning staff that inhales them while cleaning, but also to the people and pets living in the home. Across the country more home owners and businesses are switching to green cleaning products and techniques or are asking that their cleaning service provider use environmentally friendly green cleaning techniques and products.

What does green cleaning mean? The federal government’s Executive Order #1301 defines green products as “environmentally preferable” products and services that “have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.”

What are the benefits of green cleaning or Eco cleaning?


  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is healthier for you and the cleaning staff.
  • Some recent studies indicate that people that live in homes and offices where green cleaning is practiced, experience fewer incidents of skin, eye and respiratory irritation, have less severe allergies and experience a decrease in headaches and nausea when cleaning contractors use green cleaning products.
  • Eco product go easy on our environment. Biodegradable products are made with organic substances that can be broken down by the enzymes produced by living organisms. In short, it will not last for long in a land fill. Less harmfull for all of us.

Have a look at some green products we recommend.